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Africa Kine

African Restaurant Harlem | West African | Senegalese Food

New York Times Press

Open Since 1994

Ask any of our customers and they will tell you AFRICA KINE IS THE #1 AFRICAN RESTAURANT IN HARLEM. Without a doubt, our staff will do their best to provide you with the best experience you will cherish. Whether you’re searching for a restaurant that truly embodies African culture or gives you a good introduction, Africa Kine has you covered. Since 1994, Africa Kine has been serving Senegalese food that attract customers from different areas regardless of when our location changed. We have been honored to be mentioned in a number of publications such as New YorkTimes and NY Eater and more. We dedicate ourselves to crafting the delicious meals that you won’t wait to tell your friends. Enter the spirit of the Africa Kine Restaurant to enjoy the great food and a captivating African atmosphere. 

West Africa Near Me

African Restaurant
in Harlem  

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Then see more  of the Africa Kine Restaurant from our video and see Africa Kine  for yourself. Hope you enjoy !!

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